99% DAAM 99% diacetone acrylamide 99% CAS 2873-97-4 DAAM diacetone acrylamide

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Diacetone acrylamide 

Diacetone acrylamide has two reactive groups: N-substituted amide and ketone, which are easily copolymerized with other ethylene and monomers.Thus,pull the ketone carbonyl group into the polymer,Using the chemical properties of the ketone carbonyl group, the polymer can react such as cross-linking and grafting.It is used to produce various adhesives, thickeners, paper reinforcing agents etc.It has been widely used in coatings, adhesives, daily chemicals, photosensitive resin auxiliaries, textile auxiliaries, medical,health care and other fields.

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Physical properties

1、Flash point: 110 °C min
2、Melting point: 57~58 °C
3、Boiling point: 120℃(1.07 kPa),93~100℃(13.33 ~40.0 Pa)
4、Relative density: 0.998(60 °C)
5、White or slightly yellow flake crystal, colorless after melting.
6、Soluble in water, methanol, methyl chloride, benzene, acetonitrile, ethanol, acetone, tetrahydrofuran, ethyl acetate, styrene, n-hexanol and other organic solvents, insoluble in petroleum ether (30°C~60 °C).

diacetone acrylamide-15 diacetone acrylamide-4

Technical data 

Product name

Diacetone acrylamide






Light yellow or white flake (powder)

Melting point  ℃


Diacetone acrylamide  %

≥ 99.0

Acrylamide  %

≤ 0.1

Moisture  %

≤ 0.3

Solubility in water (25)℃

> 100g/100g

diacetone acrylamide-16 diacetone acrylamide-13


⑴ Used in hair treatments

An important property of diamines is that their homopolymers or copolymers are insoluble in water.But it has “water breathing”,water absorption rate is 20% to 30% of its own weight.When the ambient humidity is less than 60%,It can release water.As this advantage, diamines are mainly used to produce fixatives and photosensitive resins for hair sprays.

⑵ Used in photosensitive resin

To produce photosensitive resin by bright, hard acid and alkali resistant solid diamine homopolymer.It can make resin photosensitive fast.Easy removal of non-image parts after exposure.Thereby, a layout with clear image and good strength, solvent resistance and water resistance can be obtained.

Another important usage of diamines is to partially replace gelatin.Gelatin for photosensitive emulsions,almost all the special properties of gelatin have been used.Therefore, it has been difficult to find an ideal product to replace it for more than a hundred years.High-purity photographic gelatin will be in short supply in China for a long time.It is estimated that the domestic photosensitive material needs about 2500 tons of gelatin per year.However, the current domestic production of photographic gelatin is only a few hundred tons.

⑶ To produce the plastic letterpress printing plates

⑷ Used on Adhesives

Can be used as adhesion promoter and modifier for cellulosic compounds, cement, glass, aluminum and PVC.Also produced as pressure sensitive adhesive,In addition, it can be used as a heat-sensitive adhesive for paper, textiles and plastic films containing propylene-based polymers.

⑸ Applications in other fields

In addition to the above applications, diacetone acrylamide can also be widely used in other fields:

① It can be used as curing agent for epoxy resin, ship bottom anti-rust paint, ship bottom underwater paint, acrylic resin paint, unsaturated polyester and other paints.

② The water-soluble comonomer of diacetone acrylamide is effectively used for clarification with suspended solids.

③ Can be used as a thermally produced laser recording material.

④ Used as anti-fog agent for glass.

⑤ Applied to azo copy materials.

⑥ Used as a water-soluble photosensitive resin component.

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Package: 20 kg/carton

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