99% powder adipic dihydrazide CAS 1071-93-8 white powder for water treatment agents

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Adipic dihydrazide 


Adipic dihydrazide,white crystal,easy soluble in water.poisoning.Mainly used for epoxy powder coating curing agent and coating additives,metal deactivator,other polymer additives and water treatment agents.Homobifunctional cross-linking reagent,dedicated to aldehydes,generate relatively stable hydrazone links.Can be cross-linked with sodium hyaluronate as a protein drug carrier.It can also be used as indoor formaldehyde adsorbent and intermediate raw material.



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Alias: Hexanedioic acid, dihydrazide;Adipic acid dihydrazide;Adipodihydrazide;Adipoyl Hydrazide;Hexanedioic acid,dihydrazide

CAS  1071-93-8

EINECS  213-999-5

Chemical formula  C6H14N4O2

Particular weight  174.20

adipic dihydrazide-9

Technical data




Light yellow or white crystal powder

Melting point ℃


Content %


Free hydrazine content  ppm


Free methanol content  %


Loss on drying (Weight loss)  %


Non-volatile ash matter  %


Iron mass fraction  %


Chloride (Cl) mass fraction  %


Sulfate (as SO4) mass fraction  %


adipic dihydrazide-15

Melting point: 178-182℃

Boiling point: 519.3 ± 33.0 ℃ 

Density: 1.186 ± 0.06 g/cm3 (20℃) 

PKa: 12.93 ± 0.35 (25℃) 

Flash point: 150℃

Solubility: H2O:100 mg/mL

Security terms: S24/25Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

adipic dihydrazide-6


Homobifunctional cross-linking reagents, specific for aldehydes, generate relatively stable hydrazone linkages.Especially for linking glycoproteins such as antibodies.

Mainly used for epoxy powder coating curing agent and coating additives,metal deactivator,other polymer additives and water treatment agents.

backpake ion

Storage and transportation characteristics: the warehouse is ventilated and dry at low temperature; it is stored separately from food raw materials

Extinguishing media: dry powder, foam, sand, carbon dioxide and water mist

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