Antifoamer liquid defoamer viscous liquid 99% antifoamer liquid 99% defoamer liquid

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The defoamer should have the following properties:①Strong defoaming power and less dosage; ②Adding to the foaming system does not affect the basic properties of the system, that is, it does not react with the defoamed system;③ Small surface tension; ④ Good balance with the surface;⑤Good heat resistance; ⑥Good diffusivity and permeability, high positive spreading coefficient;⑦Chemical stability, strong oxidation resistance; ⑧Gas solubility, good permeability;⑨ Low solubility in foaming solution; ⑩ No physiological activity and high safety.

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Defoaming mechanism of defoamer

There is still no unified understanding of the mechanism of action of defoamer. According to the mechanism of defoamer proposed by predecessors, there are roughly the following types:

Generalized defoaming mechanism

The mechanism of action of polysiloxane defoamer

Defoaming mechanism of hydrophobic solid particles

Defoaming mechanism of polyether modified silicone oil

Technical data



Appearance Colorless transparent viscous liquid
Hydroxyl value   mgKOH/g 45–56
Acid value       mgKOH/g ≤0.2
Moisture        % ≤0.2
PH 5–7
Cloud point    ℃ 17.5–21.5
Viscosity None

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Defoamer is an additive that eliminates foam.In the process of production and application in coatings, textiles, medicine, fermentation, paper making, water treatment and petrochemical industries, a large amount of foam will be produced.And then affect the product quality, production process. Based on the inhibition and elimination of foam, a specific amount of defoamer is usually added to it during production.

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Package: 200 kg/ drum

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