CAS 111-42-2 liquid diethanolamine DEA 99% liquid diethanolamine DEA

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Diethanolamine also known as 2,2′-dihydroxydiethylamine, it is an organic compound with the chemical formula C4H11NO2. 

Chemical formula: C4H11NO2

Appearance: Colorless viscous liquid or crystal

Particular weight: 105.136

CAS No.: 111-42-2

EINECS No.: 203-868-0

Melting point: 28 ℃

Boiling point: 268.8 ℃

Water soluble: soluble

Density: 1.097 g/cm³

Flash point: 137.8 ℃

Application: Used as a gas purifier, also used as a raw material for synthetic drugs and organic synthesis

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Mainly used as acid gas absorbents such as CO2, H2S and SO2, non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers, polishing agents, industrial gas purifiers, lubricants;It is an intermediate of the herbicide glyphosate; it is used as a gas purifier, as well as a raw material for synthetic drugs and organic synthesis.It is an important corrosion inhibitor, which can be used in boiler water treatment, coolant of automobile engine, drilling and cutting oil and other kinds of lubricating oil to inhibit corrosion;

Used as emulsifier for oils and waxes, softener for leather and synthetic fibers under acidic conditions; used as thickener and foam improver in shampoos and light detergents; used as silver and cadmium plating , lead plating, galvanized complexing agent, etc.


Diethanolamine is hygroscopic and sensitive to light and oxygen. This product should be placed in an airtight container and placed in a dry, cool and dark condition.

diethanolamine(DEA)-8 diethanolamine(DEA)-11

Technical data



Diethanolamine  %


Moisture  %


2-Aminoethanol+Triethanolamine content  %


Chroma (Hazen platinum-cobalt color number)


Density, p20℃,g/cm3


Surface charge: 0

Complexity: 28.9

Number of isotope atoms: 0

Determine the number of atomic stereocenters: 0

Uncertain number of atomic stereocenters: 0

Determine the number of bond stereocenters: 0

Uncertain number of bond stereocenters: 0

Number of covalent bond units: 1

Toxicological data

  1. Irritant: Rabbit percutaneous: 500mg/24H, slightly irritating. Rabbit eye: 750μg/24H, severe irritation.
  2. Acute toxicity: guinea pig oral LD50: 2000mg/kg; mouse oral LC50: 3300 mg/kg; rat oral LD50: 1820 mg/kg; rabbit oral LD50: 2200 mg/kg; rabbit percutaneous LD50: 1220 mg/kg; Mice were injected intraperitoneally with LC50: 2300 mg/kg.
  3. Irritant: Rabbit percutaneous: 500mg (24h), mild irritation. Rabbit via eye: 5500mg, severe stimulation.

Subacute and chronic toxicity: 170mg/kg orally in rats for 90 days, some animals died and some organs were damaged.

diethanolamine(DEA)-19 diethanolamine(DEA)-18
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Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse.Keep away from fire and heat sources. Package is sealed.It should be stored separately from oxidants, acids, etc., and should not be mixed.Equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment.Storage areas should be equipped with emergency release equipment and suitable containment materials.

Protective measures

Respiratory system protection: When the concentration in the air exceeds the standard, it is recommended to wear a gas mask.

Eye Protection: A safety face shield may be used.

Protective clothing: Wear work clothes (made of anti-corrosion materials).

Hand Protection: Wear rubber gloves.

Others: Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited at the workplace. After work, shower and change. Conduct pre-employment and periodic medical examinations.

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