CAS 141-43-5 2-Aminoethanol viscous liquid 99.5% liquid 2-Aminoethanol

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2-Aminoethanol is 2-Hydroxyethylamine,is an organic compound and the chemical formula is C2H7NO.

Chemical formula: C2H7NO

Particular weight: 61.083

CAS: 141-43-5

EINECS:  205-483-3

Melting point: 10℃~ 11 ℃

Boiling point: 170.9 ℃

Water soluble: miscible with water

Density: 1.02 g/cm³

Appearance: Colorless transparent viscous liquid

Flash point: 93.3 ℃

Application: Chemical reagents, solvents, emulsifiers, rubber accelerators, corrosion inhibitors, degradation agents, etc.


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Protective measures

Respiratory Protection: Wear a gas mask when possible exposure to its vapors. It is recommended to wear self-contained breathing apparatus during emergency rescue or escape.

Eye Protection: Wear chemical safety glass.

Protective clothing: Wear work clothes (made of anti-corrosion materials).

Hand Protection: Wear rubber gloves.

Others: Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited at the workplace. After work, shower and change. Conduct pre-employment and periodic medical examinations.

2-aminoethanol-3 2-aminoethanol-6

Technical data



Total amine (as 2-Aminoethanol)  %


Moisture  %


Diethanolamine+Triethanolamine content  %

As the result

Chroma (Hazen platinum-cobalt color number)


Distillation experiment (0℃,101325KP,168℃–174℃,distillation volume  ml)


Density, p20℃,g/cm3


2-aminoethanol-2 2-aminoethanol-11


Used as acid gas absorbent, emulsifier, plasticizer, rubber vulcanizing agent, printing and dyeing whitening agent, fabric mothproofing agent, etc. It can also be used as plasticizer, vulcanizing agent, accelerator and foaming agent for synthetic resins and rubber, as well as intermediates for pesticides, medicines and dyes.It is also a raw material for synthetic detergents and cosmetic emulsifiers. 

Barreled composite drawing

Emergency treatment

Evacuate personnel from the leaked contaminated area to a safe area, and prohibit irrelevant personnel from entering the contaminated area. It is recommended that emergency responders wear gas masks and chemical protective clothing.Do not touch the leak directly and stop the leak when it is safe to do so.Mix and absorb with sand or other non-combustible adsorbents, then collect and transport to waste disposal sites for disposal.It can also be rinsed with a large amount of water, and the diluted rinse water can be put into the waste water system.If there is a large amount of leakage, use the embankment to contain it, then collect, transfer, recycle or waste it after harmless treatment.

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