CAS 96-29-7 2-Butanone oxime 202-496-6 2-Butanone oxime liquid chemical

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2-Butanone oxime

2-Butanone oxime,it is an organic compound with the chemical formula C4H9NO, which is mainly used as an anti-skinning agent and a silicon curing agent for alkyd resin coatings.

Alias: 2-Butanone oxime,2-Butanone oxime, methyl ethyl ketoxime

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Physical and Chemical properties
Density: 0.924g/cm3
Melting point: -30℃
Boiling point: 152.5°C
Flash point: 60°C
Refractive rate: 1.442(20℃)
Water soluble: 114 g/L (20°C)
Appearance: colorless oil liquid

Solubility: miscible with ethanol and ether, soluble in 10 parts water.
Stability: flammable. Stability. Incompatible with strong oxidants. Can react with strong acids to form explosive substances.

methyl ethyl ketoxime-10

methyl ethyl ketoxime-13

Technical data 

Product name

2-Butanone oxime






Transparent colorless viscous liquid,no suspended matter

Pure MEKO content %

≥ 99.5

Water %

≤ 0.03

Density  g/cm3

0.917--0.927 25/4℃

0.9154--0.9254 30℃

Acid value  mg KOH/g

≤ 0.05

Chroma (platinum-cobalt)

≤ 5




Application: Used for organic synthesis.

It is used for anti-peeling treatment of various oil-based lacquers, alkyd lacquers and epoxy lacquers in the process of storage and transportation, and can also be used as silicon curing agent.

As an antioxidant used to prevent skin formation, this product is more effective than butanaldehyde oxime and cyclohexanone oxime.

Coating, paint ink anti-peeling agent, isocyanate blocking agent, silicone crosslinking agent, organic synthesis intermediates.

Barreled composite drawing

Package: 190 kg/galvanized drum;

        190 kg or 25 kg/plastic drum.


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