Colorless liquid acetic acid CAS 64-19-7 acetic acid

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Acetic Acid

Acetic acid, chemical formula CH3COOH, is an organic monobasic acid, the main component of vinegar.Pure anhydrous acetic acid (glacial acetic acid) is a colorless hygroscopic liquid.Freezing point is 16.6°C (62°F).After solidification, it is a colorless crystal and its aqueous solution is weakly acidic and highly corrosive.It is strongly corrosive to metals and the steam is irritating to the eyes and nose.

Acetic acid is widely distributed in nature, such as in fruit or vegetable oils.Acetic acid exists mainly in the form of esters.In animal tissues, excrement and blood, acetic acid exists in the form of free acid.Many microorganisms can convert different organic matter into acetic acid through fermentation.

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Redox reactions

Reduction reaction

Acetic acid can be reduced to acetaldehyde by lithium aluminum hydride.


Oxidation reaction

The combustion reaction of acetic acid is an oxidation reaction in a broad sense and the complete combustion of acetic acid will generate carbon dioxide and water vapor.


Substitution reaction


Acetic acid and ethanol can undergo esterification under the catalysis of concentrated sulfuric acid and heating to generate ethyl acetate.


α-H halogenation reaction

In the presence of red phosphorus, halogen and acetic acid can undergo α-H halogenation reaction. For example, acetic acid reacts with chlorine gas under the action of red phosphorus to form chloroacetic acid


Dehydration reaction

Acetic acid can undergo an intermolecular dehydration reaction. One acetic acid molecule will remove an -OH group, while another acetic acid molecule will remove an H, and finally acetic anhydride is formed.


Reacts with phosphorus trichloride

Heating of acetic acid and phosphorus trichloride can cause substitution reaction, the reaction can generate acetyl chloride and phosphorous acid

acetic acid-7 acetic acid-8

The following is the national standard of the People’s Republic of China on industrial acetic acid:





First grade


Chroma,Hazen Units (Platinum-Cobalt) ≤




Acetic acid content % ≥




Moisture % ≤




Formic acid content % ≤




Acetaldehyde content % ≤




Evaporation residue % ≤




Iron content (as Fe)% ≤




Reduction of potassium permanganate substances min ≥




acetic acid-13 acetic acid-15

Food industry application

In the food industry, acetic acid is used as an acidulant, flavoring agent and flavoring agent in the manufacture of synthetic vinegar,dilute acetic acid to 4-5% with water, add various flavoring agents, the flavor is similar to that of alcohol,the manufacturing time is short and the price is cheap.As a sour agent, it can be used in compound seasonings, in the preparation of vinegar, canned food, jelly and cheese,using in moderation according to production needs.It can also be used as a flavor enhancer for koji wine, and the dosage is 0.1 to 0.3 g/kg.

Chemical formula: CH3COOH

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid with pungent odor

Particular weight: 60.05

CAS: 64-19-7

EINECS: 231-791-2

Melting point: 16.6 ℃

Boiling point: 117.9 ℃

Water soluble: Dissolved in water

Density: 1.05 g/cm³

Flash point: 39 ℃

UN No.: 2790

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First aid

Skin Contact: Skin Contact Rinse with water, then wash thoroughly with soap.

Eye contact: Rinse the eyes with water, and then wipe with a dry cloth. In severe cases, send to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Inhalation: If inhalation of vapors will keep patient out of contaminated area, place patient at rest and keep warm.

Ingestion: Rinse mouth immediately after swallowing, give emetic to induce vomiting, and urgently send to hospital for diagnosis and treatment.


Protective measures

Respiratory system protection: When the deep concentration in the air exceeds the standard, a gas mask should be worn.

Eye Protection: Wear chemical safety goggles.

Hand Protection: Wear rubber gloves.

Others: After work, shower and change, do not bring work clothes into the living area

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