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Acetonitrile can undergo typical nitrile reactions,is used to prepare many typical nitrogen-containing compounds,is an important organic intermediate.Acetonitrile can be used as a solvent for the synthesis of vitamin A, cortisone, carbonamine drugs and their intermediates, also used as an active medium solvent for the manufacture of vitamin B1 and amino acids .Alternative to chlorinated solvents. 

We have anhydrous acetonitrile preparative acetonitrile chromatographic acetonitrile.

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Acetonitrile is an organic compound with a molecular formula of C2H3N. It is a colorless liquid, highly volatile with a special odor similar to ether.It has excellent solvent properties. It can dissolve a variety of organic, inorganic and gaseous substances. It has certain toxicity and is infinitely miscible with water and alcohol.Used in vinyl coatings, also used as extractant for fatty acids, alcohol denaturant, butadiene extractant and solvent for acrylonitrile synthetic fibers.Also has many usages in fabric dyeing, lighting, perfume manufacturing and photosensitive material manufacturing.



Chemical formula: C2H3N 

Molecular weight: 41.06

CAS No.: 75-05-8

EINECS No.: 200-835-2

UN No.: 1648

Melting point: -45℃

Boiling point: 81.6℃

Water soluble: Miscible with water, soluble in most organic solvents such as ethanol and ether

Density: 0.7857 g/cm³

Appearance: Colorless liquid with pungent odor

Flash point: 12.8℃(CC);6℃(OC)

Usage: It is used in the preparation of vitamin B1 and other drugs and spices, etc.Also used as a fatty acid extractant, etc.



Technical data 

Product name

Industrial grade Acetonitrile


Q/SY 03491–2018




Transparent liquid without suspended matter

Chroma (Pt-Co)

≤ 10

Density (20℃)  g/cm3


Boiling range under at 0.10133Mpa/℃


Acidity (as acetic acid)  mg/kg

≤ 50

Moisture  w/%

≤ 0.030

Total cyanide (as hydrocyanic acid)  mg/kg

≤ 10

Ammonia   mg/kg

≤ 6

Acetone    mg/kg

≤ 25

Acrylonitrile  mg/kg

≤ 25

Regroup (include propionitrile)  mg/kg

≤ 500

Copper   mg/kg

≤ 0.5

Iron      mg/kg

≤ 0.5

Purity    w/%

≥ 99.9


Top grade

Barreled composite drawing

Package: 200 kg/galvanized drum

       1 ton/drum

       Export tank.

Main Application:

Intermediates for synthetic medicines and pesticides

Acetonitrile can be used to synthesize a variety of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates.In medicine, it is used to synthesize a series of important pharmaceutical intermediates, such as vitamin B1, metronidazole, ethambutol, triamterene, adenine and antitussive;In pesticides,used to synthesize pyrethroid insecticides and pesticide intermediates such as acetoxime.


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Emergency treatment: Quickly evacuate people from the leaked contaminated area to a safe area, isolate them, and strictly restrict access.Cut off the source of ignition.It is recommended that emergency people wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus and protective clothing.Do not touch the spillage directly.Cut off sources of leaks as much as possible.Prevents inflow into restricted spaces such as sewers and flood drains. 

Small spills: Absorb with activated carbon or other inert material.Also rinse with plenty of water,The washing water is diluted and put into the waste water system.

Large spills: Construct dikes or dig pits for containment.Spray-like water cools and dilutes steam, protects site people, and dilutes spills to incombustibles.Transfer it to a tanker or a special collector with an explosion-proof pump, and recycle it or transport it to a waste disposal site for disposal.

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