• Global chemical prices soar over US polar storm

    The US polar storm has now shut down 90% of US polypropylene (PP) capacity, 67% of ethylene and devastated other important products, sending ripples around global chemical markets prices soaring, said n industry expert. More chemical plants and refineries across the Gulf Coast region have been hi...
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  • Use and function of acetonitrile?

    As an indispensable presence in laboratory reagents, what are the uses of acetonitrile? What benefits can acetonitrile bring to chromatographic analysis? Compared with methanol, what are its advantages? What personal protection should be paid attention to in use? Acetonitrile (CH3CN) is a widely ...
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  • Use of preparative acetonitrile, chromatographic acetonitrile and n-hexane with pesticide residues

    The solvent family has a large number of members. Chemists need to understand the chemical properties, dissolution mechanism, use methods and other relevant information of specific solvents, master their laws, and correctly select appropriate solvents or solvent mixtures. This chapter introduces ...
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  • Chromatographic acetonitrile

    Chromatographic acetonitrile refers to the acetonitrile reagent used for chromatographic analysis, chromatographic separation and chromatographic preparation. The product has excellent batch stability and meets the indicators of the American Chemical Society ACS analytical solvent. In high perfo...
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  • Electronic acetonitrile

    Acetonitrile is also a wide usage organic chemical raw material, widely used in pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers, petrochemicals and other fields. Electronic-grade reagents are mainly used for cleaning and corrosion of semiconductor components.Its purity and cleanliness have an impact on the yie...
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  • Acrylonitrile price situation

    Acrylonitrile price falling down since May to Auguest,2022. It been influened on dometic enconomy. The demand was short. But it will uprise in few month. If you import,pls think about.
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