Use of preparative acetonitrile, chromatographic acetonitrile and n-hexane with pesticide residues

The solvent family has a large number of members. Chemists need to understand the chemical properties, dissolution mechanism, use methods and other relevant information of specific solvents, master their laws, and correctly select appropriate solvents or solvent mixtures. This chapter introduces the characteristics and uses of the main chemical products of Langke Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., namely, preparation grade acetonitrile, chromatographic acetonitrile, and agricultural residue grade n-hexane.

Preparation grade acetonitrile

Acetonitrile, also known as methylnitrile, is a colorless liquid that is highly volatile and can dissolve a variety of organic, inorganic and gaseous substances.

Because of its excellent solubility, acetonitrile is mainly used as a solvent. For example, as the solvent for extracting butadiene, synthetic fiber and some special coatings, the solvent for removing tar, phenol and other substances from petroleum hydrocarbon; It is used as an intermediate of medicine (vitamin B1) and spices, and is the raw material for manufacturing triazine nitrogen fertilizer synergist; It also has many uses in fabric dyeing, lighting, spice manufacturing and light-sensitive material manufacturing.

Chromatographic acetonitrile

In addition to the above uses of chromatographic acetonitrile, Walter high-purity solvent can meet the requirements of GC, HPLC, spectroscopy and pesticide residue analysis at the same time, and the impurity content is ppm ppb. It is applicable to agricultural, forestry, industrial and medical colleges, scientific research institutions, third-party testing, import and export inspection and quarantine, food testing, quality control, drug inspection institutes, pharmaceutical research and development institutions, pharmaceutical factories and other industries.

N-Hexane, pesticide residue

N-Hexane is a colorless liquid with low toxicity and weak special smell. N-hexane is mainly used as a solvent in industry, which is used to prepare viscose for bonding shoes, leather and bags. It is often used for wiping and cleaning operations in the production process of electronic information industry, as well as flower solvent extraction in the production of daily chemicals. Walter n-hexane with pesticide residues mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Good batch stability

2. Extremely low impurity residues to meet customers’ various testing needs

3. PPM grade evaporation residue

4. Low UV absorption and fluorescent impurity content to ensure stable use of customers.

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