Used as organic synthesis diethanolamine DEA CAS 111-42-2

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Diethanolamine also known as 2,2′-dihydroxydiethylamine, it is an organic compound with the chemical formula C4H11NO2. 

Chemical formula: C4H11NO2

Appearance: Colorless viscous liquid or crystal

Particular weight: 105.136

CAS No.: 111-42-2

EINECS No.: 203-868-0

Melting point: 28 ℃

Boiling point: 268.8 ℃

Water soluble: soluble

Density: 1.097 g/cm³

Flash point: 137.8 ℃

Application: Used as a gas purifier, also used as a raw material for synthetic drugs and organic synthesis

Product Detail

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Mainly used as acid gas absorbents such as CO2, H2S and SO2, non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers, polishing agents, industrial gas purifiers, lubricants;It is an intermediate of the herbicide glyphosate; it is used as a gas purifier, as well as a raw material for synthetic drugs and organic synthesis.It is an important corrosion inhibitor, which can be used in boiler water treatment, coolant of automobile engine, drilling and cutting oil and other kinds of lubricating oil to inhibit corrosion;
Used as emulsifier for oils and waxes, softener for leather and synthetic fibers under acidic conditions; used as thickener and foam improver in shampoos and light detergents; used as silver and cadmium plating , lead plating, galvanized complexing agent, etc.

Ecological data

  1. Ecotoxicity  

LC50:800mg/L(24h)(goldfish,pH 9.6);>5000mg/L(24h)(goldfish,pH 7);1800mg/L(24h)(bluegill);100mg/L(96h)(blackhead fish)

EC50:5000mg/L(5min)(luminescent bacteria,Microtox test)

  1. Biodegradability

  Aerobic biodegradation: 14.4~168h

  Anaerobic biodegradation: 57.6~672h

  1. Non-biodegradable

Photooxidation half-life in air: 0.72~7.2h

diethanolamine(DEA)-5 diethanolamine(DEA)-8

Technical data



Diethanolamine  %


Moisture  %


2-Aminoethanol+Triethanolamine content  %


Chroma (Hazen platinum-cobalt color number)


Density, p20℃,g/cm3


Isotonic specific volume (90.2K): 252.7

Surface tension (dyne/cm): 43.5

Polarizability (10-24cm3): 10.80

Computational Chemistry Data

Hydrophobic parameter calculation reference value (XlogP): none

Number of hydrogen bond donors: 3

Number of hydrogen bond acceptors: 3

Number of rotatable chemical bonds: 4

Number of tautomers: 0

Topological molecular polar surface area: 52.5

Number of heavy atoms: 7


Diethanolamine is hygroscopic and sensitive to light and oxygen. This product should be placed in an airtight container and placed in a dry, cool and dark condition.

diethanolamine(DEA)-18 diethanolamine(DEA)-15

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Skin: Remove contaminated clothing and rinse immediately and thoroughly with running water.

Eyes: Immediately lift eyelids and flush with running water or saline for at least 15 minutes. Or rinse with 3% boric acid solution. Get medical attention immediately.

Inhalation: Quickly leave the scene to fresh air. Provide artificial respiration if necessary. seek medical attention.

Ingestion: If swallowed by mistake, rinse mouth immediately and drink milk or egg white. seek medical attention.

Extinguishing methods: water mist, carbon dioxide, sand, foam, dry powder.

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